About Us

The UCLA Undergraduate Journal of Economics is one of the only academic journals in the country that publishes undergraduate research in fields of economics, business, and public policy.

The Journal’s mission is to promote the advancement of the field of economics by motivating young economists to engage in original and significant research at an earlier point in their careers as undergraduates. We seek to provide an outlet and medium through which undergraduates can get published and recognized for their work and achievements.

In the past, the Journal generated dozens of excellent submissions from the nation’s preeminent universities including Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, University of Virginia, and UCLA. The top 10% of submissions were chosen for publication, making the Journal one of the most competitive in the country.

We request the submission of exceptional empirical and theoretical research papers in the fields of economics, business and management, and public policy.

The Undergraduate Journal of Economics at UCLA was founded in 2010 by Mayank Bhandari and Taj Mann. Going forward, this should help the Journal secure entry into scholarly databases and library collections.

Journal ISSN: 2160-1410

The Editorial Board


Elana Gurney

Managing Editor

Anson Ng

Junior Editors

Amy Dai

Brian A. Khorshad

Eitan Arom

Lesley Truong

Raymond Alvarez

Richard Sambasivam

Shincy Lu

Thomas Lessler

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Bruce Miller